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Just like you, we at Equinox Journeys LOVE to travel! And, we love to travel in style without paying a premium to do so. That's why our affiliation with Palm Coast Travel, members of the Signature Travel Network, is so important. We have wonderful working relationships with the world's top cruise lines, tour companies and hotels. We are part of their on-going education process, so we always know what's new and happening. We have a passion for the best, and that's what we deliver to you.

We know your travel dreams are as unique as you are, and we enjoy serving the most discerning traveler. Once you complete your travel profile with us, we can match our special offers to your interests. Our agents have extensive and varied experience, and we excel in looking after all the details for you. The Signature Travel Network has destination experts for us to call upon any time, and they've been providing a top-notch experience for travelers for almost forty years.

Experts Bio:

My lifelong love of travel began in my early 20's, when I took a trip to Jamaica. I will never forget the excitement of experiencing a different culture for the first time. I was hooked on travel, and I have been ever since. That deep attraction led me to work for Delta Airlines in New York and Boston in both group sales and company meeting/convention management. It was a great way to learn from the inside all about the importance of taking care of every detail for clients.

When I moved to Denver, I managed an office for a large corporate travel agency, which gave me even more valuable experience in the field. My most fascinating job, though, was with a very exclusive leisure travel agency where my role was to research foreign destinations and make recommendations to our very discerning clients. I booked everything from a private car and driver in Turkey to dinner reservations at Paris' trendiest and most sought-after restaurant, among many more adventurous solutions to clients' travel wishes.

I have journeyed to just about every Caribbean island, where I love to snorkel. I've spent several delightful weeks in New Zealand on both the north and south islands, with a special emphasis on that country's wonderful wine region, and I have toured extensively in Europe - particularly Ireland, Scotland, England, France, Portugal and Italy. I have also cruised the South Pacific, Alaska and the Caribbean, and spent lots of time in Hawaii, Mexico, and Canada. As far as domestic travel goes, I think the only state I've missed in the U.S. is Arkansas, and I do want to go to the hot springs there one day. I particularly enjoy history, viticulture, and spa resorts. If I haven't been to a particular location myself yet, one of my co-workers has. I have a lot more destinations on my bucket list, too!

Top Destinations:

Caribbean, Mexico, Hawaii, United States, South Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, England, France, Portugal, Italy, Mediterranean.


Ocean and River Cruising, Luxury Travel, Small Group Tours, Wine Tours, Luxury Resorts and Spas, Unique and Customized Itineraries, Romance Travel, Cultural destinations and Historical Tours. Europe Tours and Cruises. 

Recent Trips:

This past year I have spent time in some wonderful and historic small towns in Central Florida, enjoyed some spa time in Scottsdale and Palm Springs, and visited the Monterey Peninsula. I had a wonderful long weekend in the beautiful city of Portland, Oregon, too, after which I drove down the west coast to San Francisco. I just returned from a three-week trip to Scotland and Yorkshire, which I would have to rank right up there as one of my most memorable trips. 

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